Happy Monday folks! This week we're featuring yet another one of our interns here at Source One, to get her point of view on the world of early professionalism. She wants to encourage her peers to strive for greatness as they, too, enter into the next chapter of their lives. So let me introduce our data Analyst Intern, Andreanna Kremser.

Get to Know Andreanna

Andreanna Kremser started her academic career by getting her Associates in Accounting at a community college in Reading, PA. Kremser went on to get her Bachelors in Accounting at Temple University, however, she decided to switch gears a litte and is now a Junior at Temple on track to earning her Bachelors in Business Management.  Kremser got her first taste of office life through a leasing job with American Campus Communities, where she learned bookkeeping experience, people skills, customer relations, and marketing for the apertment complex. Kremser is constantly looking for a change of pace, actively trying to figure out exactly where she wants to be post graduation, and has therefor landed an internship with us, and plans to continue to broaden her horizons with an accounting internship in a Tech or Finance field.

Andreanna's Advice to You

When asked what she would like to say to other young professoinals in a space similar to hers, she responded:

"There's no rush. No one should be upset for not graduating on time because there is no timeline. You can graduate in more than four years, you can take your time getting where you need to be. You can accumulate more intern experience and figure out what you do and don't want to do. You can allow yourself to make more informed decisions toward your end goals. Everyone is running their own race."
We couldn't agree more. So many people, young professionals especially, put excessive amounts of pressure on themselves to have everything figured out and settled in what they think is the world's timeline. But as Ms. Kremser pointed out, "there is no timeline...everyone is running their own race." Keep that in mind as you move through the rest of your week and onto the next shift in life. Don't be discouraged if you're not where society thinks you should be at the moment. As long as you are making goals for yourself and trying, that's all that matters. Have a great week everyone, stay motivated!
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