ICYMIM: June 10, 2019

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Automation, Digitization, Global Trade Pose Challenges for Business Leaders, Report Says
Kyra Senese, Spend Matters, 6/5/2019
In a new Basware report we're enlightened on how new technologies and trade dynamics are challenging businesses. Automation, digitization and shifting global trade dynamics are the three trends identified as the most likely to affect Procurement and Finance professionals. Crucially, all three will force businesses to rethink their approach to staffing and potentially resize their teams. As many as 375 million people, the report reads, could find themselves searching for new occupations within the next several years.

3 Tactics To get Your Team On Board with Supply Chain Sustainability Initiatives
Staff Writer, Thomasnet, 6/7/2019
Earning buy-in for Procurement is rarely easy, and sustainability initiatives often prove an especially hard sell. Thomasnet for building enthusiasm and engaging stakeholders throughout the life an initiative. While issues related to pollution and climate change tend to inspire despair, Thomasnet's staff writer advocates for a more hopeful, collaborative approach. Framing an initiative with an emphasis on what can be gained will better engage teams and ultimately lead to more successful initiatives.

Is Data a Promise or a Peril? 3 Things That Really Matter
Alice Sidhu, Procurious, 6/3/2019
Data is everyone - and organizations know they're supposed to know how to use it, but many organizations still struggle to translate their data and leverage it for meaningful initiatives. It all starts with putting aside both legacy systems and 'legacy thinking.' Transparency is also an important factor for organizations to consider. Access to more and more customer data puts business leaders in an interesting position. They can address customers with honesty and make it clear how they plan to use data or they can risk losing trust by maintaining an opaque or inconsistent position.

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