June 14, 2019

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Whitepaper:
Building an Effective Procurement Organization: Part 4 (Tools)
Procurement groups the world over are eager to realize a digital transformation. So eager, in fact, that many organizations jump into initiatives without the necessary due diligence. Introducing a Procurement solution isn't as simple as making a selection or carrying out an implementation. It's a multi-step strategic process that requires careful planning and dedication. Source One offers tips for each step in this process in the latest installment of Building and Effective Procurement Organization, Download it today.

New Blogs:
Training and Developing Procurement Professionals
Samantha Hoy, Future of Sourcing, 6/11/2019
Even the most tech-empowered companies out there can't get by without a team of dedicated, effective people. Unfortunately, traditional methods of training aren't always sufficient to meet Procurement's evolving needs. Hoy shares tips for building training programs that will not only serve the function's present day needs, but also adapt with time.

In Spite of Ourselves: Procurement's Curious Contradictory Behavior
Anthony Mignona, Sourcing Innovation, 6/10/2019
Using the most recent Deloitte CPO survey as a jumping off point, Mignona examines a number of strange contradictions. The survey results suggest that Procurement considers talent and technology to be major priorities. They are not, however, committed to investing in them or taking any real strategic action. Mignona suggests it's time for the function to begin walking the walk instead of simply paying lip service to its priorities.

How to Build an Effective Procurement Training Program
Megan Connell, Thomasnet, 6/11/2019
Senior Consultant Megan Connell offers a wealth of tips and insights for refining Procurement's approach to talent development. The key, she suggests, is to establish a consistent program that's nevertheless capable of adapting alongside Procurement. She expects the function will look much different even a few years from now. That's why it's so important for training programs to remain malleable.

3 Ways to Make Your Company Stand Out from Amazon Business
Michael Croasdale, Thomasnet, 6/14/2019
Since it was introduced several years ago, Amazon Business has inspired fear among industrial and office supplies distributors. Small firms wonder how they can possibly compete with Jeff Bezos and his eCommerce juggernaut. Croasdale suggests traditional providers can still distinguish themselves in a number of ways. Personalized, hands-on account management, for example, isn't something Amazon can truly replicate.

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