Strategic Sourceror and Source One are proud to be partners with some of the best thought leaders in the procurement and spend management industry.   Please learn a bit more about our sponsors below and feel free to visit them:


Corcentric, a leading provider of automation solutions for Procurement and Finance, is the parent company of Strategic Sourceror. With over 6,000 satisfied customers, they help companies optimize the way they pay, purchase, and get paid.

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Source One, a Corcentric company, is the founder and owner of Strategic Sourceror. Source One provides strategic sourcing and procurement resources, tools, and staff support services in over 100 spend categories.

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The Next Level Purchasing Association is a world leading procurement education provider. NLPA helps procurement leaders develop more successful teams and helps they advance their rewarding careers.  

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AARM helps companies better manage their marketing agencies and helps ensure they don't overpay for fair services.   AARM provides comprehensive examinations of financial practices and agency activity and provides solutions to mitigate existing financial gaps in client-agency transactions.
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TYGES provides executive search services for procurement, supply chain, and strategic sourcing groups, as well as Operations, Marketing, HR, and IT. TYGES offers end-to-end recruiting support, from conducting candidate searches to ensuring assimilation following onboarding.

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