ICYMIM: June 17, 2019

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Greg Council, Future of Sourcing, 6/13/2019
The incoming digital revolution has Procurement groups across the globe eager to realize digital transformations. Council identifies the primary challenges facing organizations and provides tips for overcoming each. Access to good data, for example, is both a prerequisite for digital transformation a common stumbling block for organizations. It's such common concern, Council writes, that an entire industry full of solution providers have popped up. Ultimately, Council concludes that the discussion around digital transformations is still more hype than substance.

3 Reasons to Love 'Nimble' Procurement Technology Providers 
Nick Heinzmann, Spend Matters, 6/17/2019
"Let's be blunt," Heinzmann opens, "If you're going to pay five or six figures for a software license, you'd better hope your employees actually use it." He suggests a "Nimble" technology provider could be the most equipped to ensure this happens. Throughout the blog, he goes on to identify the defining attributes of these providers. They disrupt markets, democratize access to features, and most crucially, prioritize user experience.

Will an Internally Managed Contingent Work Program Work for Your Company? 
Elaine Morris Roberts, Spend Matters, 6/11/2019
More and more companies are leveraging a blended workforce. With a mix of full-time and contracted resources, they're enjoying flexible access to the skills and expertise they need. To boost visibility and promote results, organizations are in need of a more strategic solution to manage their teams. For many, the answer is an internally managed program. With the right level of executive sponsorship, these could mean effective allocation and engagement of even large, disparate Procurement teams.

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