Here are some really great other blogs that cover procurement, supply chain, spend management, and strategic sourcing:

  • Spend Matters - One of the first in the spend management and procurement blogging space, and one of the longest standing.   Spend Matters has since grown to provide global coverage and has affiliate brands that cover niche markets like metals.
  • Sourcing Innovation - A long standing blog that has a slant towards technology. Authored by Dr. Michael Lamoreaux (the doctor), a renowned procurement technology expert.
  • Buyers Meeting Point - Has been around a few years and covers all sorts of procurement news.  It also features guest contributions from industry experts.
  • Tom's Blog @ ThomasNet - ThomasNet has been providing supplier discovery services longer than anyone.  Remember those big green books?  They can now be found online.   Tom's Blog covers supply chain and supplier focused news stories.
  • Next Level Purchasing - Authored by Next Level's President, Charles Dominick, NLPA is a professional development and education focused company with a thought provoking blog.
  • My Purchasing Center - A blog and website that does a great job of aggregating information and links that procurement professionals will find useful in their day to day careers.

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