The Strategic Sourceror has served as a resource for supply chain professionals since 2008 and covers everything from cost reduction to change management. In this series, we're reflecting on the last decade-plus by sharing some of our most popular blogs.  you a list of our top blogs of all time and we're going to give them to you per area of expertise. 

This time around, we're sharing our top blogs on Procurement Transformation.

If you’re a purchasing manager looking to double down on your skills, getting a certification might be a good option for you. But to avoid wasting time or resources, you should find the right certification for your unique career path. Whatever your industry, company, or level of expertise, this blog gives a breakdown of the most popular purchasing and supply management certifications.

The relationship between a purchaser and a supplier can go one of two ways. The supplier could hold most of the power because they know you need them. Or you could hold the power as the buyer because you’re not just any purchaser, you’re a strategic purchaser. Strategic buying teams make for attractive customers. Here are seven steps to put you in this favorable position.

SRM programs are growing in popularity. By fostering more purposeful supplier relationships, SRM programs create a competitive advantage. Strong connections with your supply base creates more effective partnerships and can lead to more opportunities down the road. Diego De la Garza discusses how SRM programs and Preferred Supplier Programs (PSP) can complement your company’s existing procurement efforts.

More and more consumers are flying and, as a result, aircraft orders are rising exponentially. Supply chains are being faced with the challenge of sourcing as the market grows. The largest airlines, Airbus and Boeing, are already rethinking SRM programs to handle the new load. Matt Chabanon discusses how engine manufacturers and suppliers might respond to this impactful market trend.  

McDonald’s was criticized for serving expired meats in 2015 and, unsurprisingly, their sales dropped dramatically. After trying to fix it by firing the guilty parties, consumers are still wondering what preventative measures they’ll take to stop scandals like this from happening in the future. This entry provides an interesting take on how McDonald’s should fix this issue and build a safer supply chain moving forward. 

Women only make up 4% of Chief Supply Chain Officers(CSCO) at Fortune 500 companies. That puts Kathryn E. Wengel in the minority as the CSCO at Johnson & Johnson, a massive, multinational corporation. Wengel speaks to the importance of women rising up in companies and taking on leadership positions in supply chain management. She tells her incredible story of how she took a chance, broke the glass ceiling, and built her prosperous career.  

2017 wasn't so different from 2019. Professionals were focused on driving down risk and developing new competitive advantages. Here's a recap of what we discussed back then. See how these trends compare to your current concerns. 

Unfortunately for strategic sourcing professionals, the spend categories with the most potential for savings tend to be those with the least clarity. We get it-- it can be hard to let procurement teams into departments that don’t generally engage the function. Nevertheless, it’s imperative that strategic sourcing teams bring about necessary change in every layer of the organization. Joe Payne, a seasoned strategic sourcing expert, shares five key roles of Strategic Sourcing professionals and why we’re equipped to handle every corner of spend.

A healthy supplier relationship begins and ends with strong communication. Failing to sustain a strong supplier relationship management system could impair your business. Nicholas Hamner presents a story of how Nintendo and a third party supplier were both burned by the former's sub-par supplier management system. 

Advanced technology is providing the opportunity for tedious human tasks to be delegated to machines and more perceptive soft skills to be exercised. Procurement teams especially benefit from this phenomenon. Joe Payne shares some trends he’s noticed in the evolution of Procurement and how he sees the role changing for the better as AI makes its entry into the field.

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