Many companies require their new hires to enter the company with previous experience in their field. By this standard, many recent graduates are overlooked. Though, there are actually benefits of having a recent college graduate join your company even if they have no field experience at all.

To start with the more obvious reasoning, recent graduates are eager and therefore usually willing to work for lower wages than the more experienced hires. Furthermore, since they were so recently in school their mind is still apt to comprehend new information at a high rate. According to ERE: Recruiting Intelligence, recent graduates are, "self-motivated, 'continuous learners' (which) may actually be the most important competency". A big aspect of being a continuous learner is questioning existing processes. Though, recent graduates may simply be asking for educational purposes, this can result in companies reevaluating and improving upon their existing approaches and methodologies. Colleges teach students to think differently so they bring this same skill of a diverse mindset to help enrich teams.

Since recent graduates are so early in their careers they are more accepting of change. Post graduate life is a new chapter for them so they are often very open-minded. This level of excitement sparks agility and makes them more willing to accept change. Academic research indicates that great innovators experience their peak while still in their youth. This shows that young, college graduates are likely to bring very innovative insights.

Young workers typically carry energy and enthusiasm with them throughout the workday. They're less likely to experience mental or physical fatigue. Furthermore, the excitement of entering a new chapter will make them especially willing to serve the business in whatever way possible. For example, their willingness to learn will make them more receptive to so-called 'thankless assignments'. Instead of grumbling, they'll accept these as valuable learning experiences. Also, being early in their career, they'll generally feel they have something to prove. This will lead many to volunteer for just about anything. Recent graduates are also less likely to have family commitments that might keep them from traveling or relocating. Lastly, being less experienced can result in more boldness so recent graduates may be more willing to take on high-risk assignments.

Regardless of the industry -  technology, health care, procurement or anywhere in between  - companies look for hires that have strong collaboration and communication skills. Many colleges instill these skills in their students through projects and presentations. Often, students even have to develop a diverse, cross-functional skill set. Students learn to communicate with diverse team members and embrace new technologies and approaches.

Inexperienced college graduates can make for great hires because they have a fresh mind. They're not burdened by the biases that create office politics and lead many veteran employees to suffer through the workday. Also, going to school in the era of technology has made them savvy multi-taskers capable of handling large amounts of information. Lastly, they are often a lot easier to manage. Being the least experienced creates a level of humility and submission. They will work hard and welcome opportunities to learn. Why not bring them aboard? 
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Alexis Martin

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