ICYMIM: September 30th, 2019

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Hackett Finds Stark Differences in Typical Digital Procurement Use vs. World-class Digital Transformation
Alex Behrens, Spend Matters, 9/26/2019
The Hackett Group, an IT service management company hosted a study comparing sample peer groups of procurement with world-class procurement groups. They found a significant gap between the two in terms of processes and efficiency. Alex Behrens draws several important conclusions from the Hackett Group's findings.

U.S. VS. U.K.: Will Employees "Fight or Flight" when Facing Economic Uncertainty? 
Gary Jones, Future of Sourcing, 9/27/2019
Job security becomes more and more of a pipe dream for American workers as the labor market reflects an uneasy future. Even workers in the U.K. are feeling the pressure as Brexit changes approach the country. Gary Jones gives his insight into how workers will react to job anxiety. 

Harnessing Workforce Intelligence for Strategic and Holistic Decision-Making
Neha Goel, Future of Sourcing, 9/24/2019
Procurement teams need to be able to utilize the data they are collecting and make informed decisions based on those metrics. Relying on guesswork is a sure waste of time and resources for any company. Neha Goel discusses the importance of knowing the ins-and-outs of your data and putting that knowledge to the best use.

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