Here at Source One, we love to serve as your resource for the latest in procurement’s best practices, strategic sourcing case studies, and industry news. One of our favorite ways to deliver this content to you is through our podcasts.

If you didn’t already hear, today is International Podcast Day! Listeners and creators around the world use this opportunity to celebrate the podcast community. Why not take a moment out of your day to check out some highlights from the Source One Podcast?

“You can’t measure what you don’t know” remarks senior analyst, Jennifer Engel. Too many companies are missing an effective system for measuring their performance. If they aren’t keeping track of this data, how can they know what is and isn’t working? They can't. Engel explains five key procurement metrics that, when measured correctly, can help to promote procurement excellence for businesses in any industry.

Telecom can sometimes take longer than usual to catch on to new tech trends. But for these next few years, it’s extra critical for telecom companies to stay up to date, avoid data breaches, and continue building their competitive advantages. David Pastore, a telecom procurement expert here at Source One, shares his expectations for the next wave of telecom advancements. 

Building strong stakeholder relationships is well worth the effort. This episode offers suggestions for maintaining a clear, consistent dialogue and approaching each stakeholder interaction with both empathy and respect. 

To identify and deliver on cost-saving strategies, your team needs visibility into its spend profile. A spend analysis will answer the bulk of these questions and ensure you aren’t leading a blind procurement initiative. There are a few basic questions to ask before conducting a company’s spend analysis. In this episode, Jennifer Ulrich and Brian Seipel share what you need to know before conducting a spend analysis as well as some do’s and don’ts.

The go-to spend taxonomy for procurement professionals tends to be UNSPSC, otherwise known as the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code. But can we be sure that this classification structure will help every unique project meet its goals?  While he doesn’t completely dismiss the UNSPSC, Brian Seipel shares his expert opinion on why this system may not be the best one to use for every procurement initiative.

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