ICYMIM: September 9th, 2019

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How AI in healthcare supply chain management (SCM) can cut costs
Alex Behrens, Spend Matters, 9/9/2019
It is no surprise that tech has been the main factor evolving the health care industry over the years. While new-age tech has been able to drastically broaden medical possibilities, it has also proved to be a powerful cost-reduction tool. Alex Behrens teaches us a lesson in procurement and discusses how AI is being used in the healthcare industry as a mechanism to produce cost savings.

Soft Skills Make a Real Impact in Supply Chain Management
Bennett Glace, Future of Sourcing, 8/30/2019
In this digital era, almost every industry and department is aware of the extensive capabilities of new-age tech. But are they paying attention to those equally important soft skills that could make or break a strategy? Bennett Glace delves into the true value of soft skills in procurement and lists some key traits that your team should be keeping sharp.

4 Third-Party Management Reports You Should Provide to Senior Management
Josh Angert, Vendor Centric, 8/20/2019
By now, you should know that managing your third party relationships is a crucial part of optimizing your supply chain. The amount of vendor information you're collecting and updating can be extensive, but it's certainly worth the time and effort. An effective third-party management program (TPMP) should always be going the extra mile whether that means dedicating a group of people to the cause or taking the time to communicate your findings to all relevant groups. Josh Angert provides four key reports your TPMP team could produce to present to your senior staff. 
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