Monthly Round Up: September 2019

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The Best Academic Supply Chain Management Programs
Are you a supply chain management recruiter feeling the burn of the talent gap? It’s possible that you aren’t looking in the right places. If you want to find the right young talent, this list of top-notch SCM programs could be the perfect place to start. Siara Singleton lists the 5 best SCM programs in the nation. Boasting a wealth of degree programs and cutting-edge curricula, they're molding a new generation of Supply Chain innovators.

More Being Done to Make Supply Chains Eco-Friendly
Eco-friendly supply chains are no longer just a "nice to have." Corporations across the country are ramping up their sustainability efforts to meet a new global standard. Some companies have elected to do so proactively, while others are clearly responding to controversies and social outcry. Let's talk about what comes next.

How Do Pigs in China Affect Pharmaceuticals in the United States?
China's pork supply chain has been decimated to do an outbreak of African Swine Fever. The industry is obviously feeling the burn as prices surge, imports ramp up, and storage space dwindles. But how do this affect Big Pharma? One word: Heparin. Heparin is a powerful anti-coagulant that's produced as a by-product of pork farming. What do China's porcine problems mean for this life-saving drug?

Delivery Delays Abound Due to Hurricane Dorian
Hurricane Dorian is over, but it's devastating effects are still being felt. Houses and roadways have been destroyed and residents throughout the affected regions are struggling. The storm was a problem for businesses as well. Supply chains have slowed to a crawl organizations are scrambling to repair operations. What's next?

The Efficacy of Postal Optimization in Print and Mail Services
Even in our age of digital evolution, digital mail still plays an important role in Marketing. That's why organizations looking to reach and engage the right consumers should focus on postal optimization. Michael Vu offers several strategies for analyzing postal costs, identifying cost reduction opportunities, and taking an optimal approach to the category. 
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