ICYMIM: September 16th, 2019

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How Risks and Technology are Reshaping the CFO Role
Elaine Morris Roberts, Spend Matters, 9/10/2019
Advancing technology is allowing the CFO role to evolve with it. Rather than focus on tedious tasks that can now be performed in more tech-savvy ways, CFOS can focus on predicting and assessing results. Elaine Roberts explains how risk technology is giving CFOs more power and knowledge to strategize smarter.

Outsource Your Culture to Speed up Digital Transformation
Graham Fell, Future of Sourcing, 9/11/2019
With the right tech decisions, culture advancements have the power to speed up digital transformation. It is predicted that by 2021, CIOs will be responsible for these cultural changes and seeing that their company culture reflects their digital growth. Graham Fell emphasizes the importance of elevating culture during this digital renaissance period.

Charting A New Journey With Shared Services 
Alec Kasuya, Future of Sourcing, 9/05/2019
Those who want the competitive advantage of automation will find that shared service centers (SSCs) are a valuable tool to invest in. Todays's shared services have proved to be innovative and strong as they overcome 5G infrastructure challenges and double down on global business services. Alec Kasuya shares his insight on the exciting future of shared services and some after-effects to look out for.  
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