Do you feel like your procurement team is capable of meeting expectations? If you aren't sure, you aren’t alone. According to a survey by Deloitte, fewer than half of Chief Procurement officers are confident in their teams. This lack of confidence could stem from flaws in Procurement's recruitment processes and talent management priorities. 

72% of organizations are spending less than 2% of their budgets on developing their Procurement resources. And those that do focus on optimizing their teams are often neglecting the all-important skills that will define Procurement's next generation. 

The traditional skills that drove Procurement through its tactical past aren't enough anymore.  While it's still crucial that Procurement folks know how to fill out a purchase order and wade through spend detail, so-called 'soft skills' are more important than ever. Interestingly enough it's evolving digital technologies that have made these uniquely human qualities so valuable. 

Creativity, adaptability, and emotional intelligence are the skills that machines can't replicate. They're also increasingly relevant in a world where Procurement is tasked with mitigating risks and managing relationships. Bennett Glace, a member of the Source One team, identifies six especially important soft skills in a new blog for Future of Sourcing. 

Read "Soft Skills Make a Real Impact in Supply Chain Management" to learn more about the skills you should nurture to build a truly best-in-class organization. 

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