Procurement Transformation initiatives are something that every organization - regardless of size, scope, or maturity - can benefit from. Even businesses with no formal Procurement unit at all can carry out their own Transformations and realize the benefits of a more strategic, proactive approach to corporate spend. Everyone wants to drive down costs and better align their resources, so why isn’t everyone transforming Procurement?

Simply put, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. It’s led organizations to accept misconceptions as fact and avoid investing in Procurement Transformation.

Through years of successful Procurement Transformations, Source One has heard every myth you can imagine. Some organizations avoid Transformation for fear of the price, others worry they’ll wind up having to reduce headcount, still others don’t see the point of investing in Procurement in the first place.

Whatever their reasoning, organizations are dead wrong if they think Procurement Transformation isn't for them. In their latest whitepaper, Source One's expert team dispels five of the most common transformation myths. They separate fact from fiction to help organizations recognize what making an investment in Procurement really looks like and better understand what it could mean for their business.

Want to move past doubt and start transforming Procurement? Check out Busting Procurement Transformation Myths today.

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