Samsung Galaxy S4 experiencing supply chain disruptions

The brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 is encountering higher demand than anticipated. Sprint and T-Mobile announced the smartphones will go on sale later than expected due to delays in shipments, Sky News reported. 

Sprint will offer the S4 on its website, and has not announced when the phone will first appear in stores, CNET stated. T-Mobile delayed its launch by five days, and the mobile provider will only be selling the device online. Verizon originally planned to begin offering the S4 on May 30, Sky News said.

Samsung warned the phone may initially be hard to find because of the high level of global demand. The company expects to fulfill demand within a few weeks, according to CNET. 

Increased popularity creating new supply problems for Samsung

The new Galaxy model was unveiled in New York last month as Samsung continues to compete with Apple, Sky News said. The South Korean mobile company overtook Apple as the world's largest smartphone provider, boosted by sales of the Galaxy S3. The company reported shipping more than 40 million units of the S3 since its launch last May. 

Supply problems have often delayed launches of popular smartphones, especially Apple's iPhone. However, Samsung has traditionally been good about providing adequate inventory before a launch, CNET stated. The Samsung Galaxy line proved to rival the iPhone, and now it is experiencing a similar problem with delays.

"Supply chain management is a core differentiator for our brand," said Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics America, according to CNET. "It's part of our DNA."

Part of the reason Samsung has historically been more adept at meeting demand than some of its competitors is because many of the components used in its phones are manufactured in house, decreasing reliance on outside suppliers, CNET said. 

Nearly every wireless carrier globally committed to selling the S4.

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