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Google Now is quite possibly Android’s greatest, and creepiest, feature. It provides “context-aware” alerts, meaning it picks up on your patterns and habits better than most loved ones. Within days of using it, Google Now will start alerting you when you need to leave for work, when packages you’ve ordered will arrive, and how quickly you need to leave for your next office meeting. All without you ever telling it anything.

To those who have used Google Now, it has quickly become an indispensable resource, in both their personal lives and their business routines. And it was Android-only, giving Droid users something to hold over Apple iPhone-users heads. Until today.

In an update to the company’s existing Google Search app for the Apple iPhone and iPad, Google has now added in the majority of features of Google Now, including Siri-competing Google voice searching. Some of the more mundane features did not make it over, however. Android users have the ability to display their airline boarding passes, Fandango movie tickets, and a daily activity summary. The iOS version of Google Now does not, though the airline passes and movie tickets can be found in Apple’s own Passbook app. Other low-level functions – local event notifications and recent research topics – didn’t make the Apple cut either, but the big winners; the traffic alerts, the weather, and breaking news stories that you find topical -- all the things designed to make your personal and work life easier -- are definitely there.

If you are graced (cursed?) with an iOS device, head to the iTunes store now to download the new version of Google Search.

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