In celebration of Earth Day here are 5 easy  tips you can utilize in your every day life to do your part to contribute in preserving the environment.  By implementing a few of these easy changes into your daily routine you can not only save money but also  contribute to creating a healthier environment.
  1. Look for foods with little or no packaging which has a two-fold benefit; healthier foods like fruits and vegetables tend  to be packaged with minimal  materials  leading to less packaging waste which makes up about one-third of non-industrial solid waste.  
  2. Utilize perennial crops  which often have extensive roots systems made for retaining water which in turn help prevent soil erosion.  Perennial's also grow back each year making them a great investment for your garden.
  3. Plan meals to cook in bulk then freeze for use later on, this method utilizes less energy during cooking and also helps prevent food waste.  Its also a great solution for freeing up more time in the evening during the hectic work week
  4. Use refillable bags at the grocery store and refillable water containers at home and in the office. Its an easy solution that significantly helps cut back on packaging waste.
  5. Educate yourself.   Green does not always guarantee sustainability. For example Hybrid cars by definition are not sustainable as they still utilize oil based fuels and contain parts that are not easily recyclable and can be often toxic to the environment.  While the impact is less than that of a regular vehicle, using a bicycle is true sustainability.


There are number of things you can do to make daily living more sustainable, often it is as simple as turning off a light. Take a few minutes to see where you can implement these and other tips into your lifestyle to do your part in contributing to the world around us.

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