Technology can solve a lot of problems. It can also create them. One of the challenges many organizations face is the increased quantity of applications and data on their networks. In some cases, businesses need to adopt new software and collect and analyze more data in order to keep competitive. In other cases, certain software and analytics adoption dictates further adoptions and network strain and increased uptime requirements pile up quickly in this cycle. But many organizations cannot keep up with or predict what impact their overall IT strategy will have on their wide area network needs which subsequently creates budget challenges and leaves end users frustrated and disappointed.

But there are solutions to these problems. Many organizations are taking advantages of ever-competitive wide are network service providers to drive down cost. What's more is WAN optimization hardware, virtual hardware, software and services can help to further improve network performance, reducing overall operational costs. The combination of reducing recurring costs through strategic sourcing and making a capital investment in WAN optimization solutions can result in significant long term operational costs. This savings can then be reinvested in building up a more robust network, including redundant connectivity where needed, and increasing bandwidth accordingly. Most of this can be done while maintaining some of the savings from the budget.

As organizations adopt new technology at an rapid rate, it is easy to lose sight of some of the other cost areas that may be impacted. By proactively looking at a total cost of ownership for these types of projects, many of the challenges described above can be even further offset, leading to and overall lower TCO and optimized cost reduction. For help planning your IT and network strategy, contact Source One Management Services, LLC at
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