In the latter part of 2012, Source One Management Services, LLC conducted a survey --  a rather large one -- to gauge the State of the Industry for procurement and sourcing personnel. The answers were plentiful, and the data pool massive.

The results are in and, after much number-crunching and processing, they have been thoroughly analyzed. Now Source One is ready to release the first in a series of reports based on the survey data. The first report, “Companies Face Limited Procurement Resources”, tackles one of the more glaring issues that emerged from the survey – the feelings by a significant portion of procurement and sourcing professionals that their department’s staffing needs have not been met.

You can find this first report, as well as all subsequent reports, available for download at A new report will be issued each month, and the results of the survey will be expounded on in full in a white paper to be issued in the fourth quarter of 2013.

For more information on this, and other documents available for free from Source One, visit our website. To get straight to the report, request your copy today!
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