Let’s see, first come up with an idea that seems like complete common sense, develop a mobile app for it and sell it to Yahoo!. Simple right? Well maybe not THAT simple, but that’s what Nick D’Aloisio did for a cool $30M (reportedly) at age 17. D’Aloisio’s iOS app Summly is a clear example of taking an existing idea and improving on it – exponentially. As noted by CrunchBase,

Summly redefines news for the mobile world with algorithmically generated summaries from thousands of sources. Innovative gestures, animations and great summaries make reading the news fun: easy to use, easy to scan, easy to read, clear and concise.

And there it is again, that word – Innovation. While I’m not implying that anyone can achieve this kind of success, certainly not by age 17, I definitely think that with the right idea and motivation anyone can create innovation. Whether at work or for personal benefit - it is about knowing your limitations and how to break right through them. In this case D’Aloisio took his aptitude for math and technology and built himself quite the reputation. But what is Yahoo! reportedly doing with this sizable purchase? Apparently nothing as far as the app goes; in fact they have already pulled it from the iOS App Store. This move is part of Yahoo!’s goal to expand its mobile platform. They basically bought a bright young talent and his algorithmic science. Seems like an expensive gamble but consider the benefits if this concept takes a hold of the next generation in technological advances. Guess we will have to wait and see.
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