The Strategic Sourceror has served as a resource for supply chain professionals since 2008 and covers anything from procurement transformation to packaging specifics. You can access any of our categories from our header, but we wanted to put a little something extra together for you. In this series, we're giving you a list of our top blogs of all time and we're going to give them to you per area of expertise. This is a perfect opportunity for those getting an introduction to Procurement and Supply Chain Management to familiarize themselves with the hottest topics in the space.

In this edition, we'll focus on is MRO.

1. MRO – An Industry Overview
The MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) category covers a wide variety of products and services that are often challenging to manage. It’s important to maintain a high level of visibility into all corners of the category and to take a strategic, center-led approach. This infographic outlines some of the terms and concepts you need to know for effective MRO spend management.

2. The Most Stupidest Contract Clauses
A poorly thought out contract could put you in an undesirable spot with the other party. Even the slightest error in wording could send your project in the wrong direction. Additionally, not paying attention to detail could result in an unhealthy, unbalanced supplier relationship. Joe Payne recalls some of the most senseless contracts and clauses he’s come across during sourcing projects and explains why they won’t work for you.

3. Predictive Analytics and The Future of Spend Management
You probably already know the importance of strong market intelligence, but the true power of data comes from what use it to achieve. Predictive analytics are highly valued data that can help companies skip a step and act proactively. Joe Payne highlights the potential of predictive analytics and how industries are utilizing the method today.

4. The Importance of the Market Basket in an MRO Sourcing Engagement
In many spend catefoeies, sourcing managers will put the top 80% of overall spend in a market basket in an attempt to source the bulk of materials together. Procurement can't afford to leave that other 20% out of sight. This blog offers insights for bringing all relevant spend under management through market baskets.

5. Can Amazon Business Really Compete With MRO, IT, And Office Products Suppliers?
In 2015, Amazon inserted itself into the manufacturing sector by offering Amazon Business, a service designed to provide industrial products and office supplies to other businesses. Will Amazon be able to compete with suppliers who have decades of experience and industry-specific knowledge? This infographic compares Amazon Business against its new competitors.

6. Will Amazon Impact Top Industrial Supplies Distributors?
Source One takes another look at the ways Amazon Business has affected the industrial distribution space. How has the eCommerce transitioned into this new market? How are competitors responding?

7. Amazon Business Vs. MRO Distributors
In this podcast episode, Source One Associate Director takes yet another look at Amazon Business and its competition with traditional MRO and Industrial Supplies distributors. Amazon, he suggests, has its work cut out for it.

8. IBM Watson and the Future of MRO Procurement
IBM has aired a series of commercials highlighting how predictive analytics can change the world. Mike Croasdale suggests it could prove especially useful for Procurement professionals in the MRO space. Professionals might predict, for a example, that a machine will malfunction and take action before it affects their business.

9. MRO Sourcing & Contracting Tips
While the MRO sourcing best practices haven’t changed much, the category's contracting and price models have. MRO Sourcing managers must evolve to continue sourcing the category strategically. Ken Ballard provides some best practices for sourcing and managing MRO spend. 

10. Strategic Sourcing Pro Tips: That Dreaded MRO Category
Don’t make the huge mistake of overlooking your MRO spend. Though it's often complicated, MRO can provide generous savings opportunities and a solid approach to MRO sourcing can help your team reach its full potential. Here are some key tips your procurement team should remember when managing MRO spend.

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