ICYMIM: October 21, 2019

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Leases Lurk in Businesses, Leak Money: Why Lease Spend Isn't Managed well
JP Morris, Spend Matters, 10/21/2019
Many businesses don't have a clear picture of their lease spending. This is problematic for spending because then details like contract terms, monthly rent payments, and end-of-lease obligations go unnoticed and cause rogue spending bubbles. JP Morris demonstrates the importance of ease management and now new accounting efforts can provide valuable spending insights for companies.

How to Use Solutionmap Buying Personas
Spend Matter Team, 10/17/2019
Even with similar industries, the procurement needs of one organization will not exactly match the needs of another. Buying personas use a combination of variables to help identify the profile of a company. With this information, you can create a customized procurement strategy for each unique company. The Spend Matters Team dives into how to generate and categorize buyer personas for organizations in need of a  procurement initiative.

6 Strategies That Help You Overcome Supply Chain Disruption
Zachary Smith, Thomas Net, 10/2/2019
A supply chain disruption is defined as a major organization breakdown in the distribution or production of a product or service. Supply chain disruptions have the potential to majorly cripple a business's budget, credibility, and so on. Zachary Smith shares 6 key tips on how to avoid these destructive incidents. 
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