Back in 2015, Amazon launched Amazon Business to provide industrial products and office supplies at exclusive rates unavailable for their regular consumer market. Buyers from small to large scale businesses compare suppliers in a variety of areas, and Amazon Business must take these specifics into consideration in order to truly be competitive with other MRO, IT, and office product suppliers. This is no small feat, as some of these suppliers have been in business for generations and are experts in their industry.

However, Amazon has some advantages of it's own, and it's becoming dependent on the buyers to determine priorities when evaluating the pros and cons of the increased supplier selection to find the best fit for their organization's needs. Most recently, Amazon has proven to be competitive in the MRO distribution market for pricing, account management, shipping because of their Prime feature, and more. While Amazon Business has it's strengths, their traditional distributor competitors have their own advantages, and only buyers can determine which supplier's offerings are the best fit for their organization.

Our latest infographic features a comparison between Amazon Business and a sample industrial distributor evaluating their strengths and weaknesses in areas that buyers prioritize the most when deciding on a supplier for their MRO, IT and office products.

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