ICYMIM: October 14, 2019

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Software Surplus! Over-Subscription Could be Costing Your Company Millions
Bradley Killinger, Future of Sourcing, 10/8/2019
Not keeping a close eye on software subscriptions could be killing your company's budgets. Once subscriptions are purchased, they are hardly ever monitored and there isn't generally a system in place to track how useful that software is.  Bradley Killinger warns procurement professionals of the dangers of over-buying software subscriptions.

Aspects of a Tax-Efficient Supply Chain
Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 10/8/2019
A tax-friendly procurement plan can deliver numerous financial benefits. The tax savings opportunities your strategy could produce could optimize every level of spending in your supply chain. Michael Lamoureux demonstrates what a tax-efficient supply chain should look like and why it's worth taking the extra steps. 

Customer-centric Focus Can Help Digital Procurement Departments Stay Relevant and Unlock Upside
JP Morris, Spend Matters, 10/8/2019
Modern procurement strategies offer endless benefits, but often the digitization of the field leads to a blurry view of procurement's true impact. How can leaders of a company recognize procurement's effect past cost-saving figures? JP Morris explains how a customer-focused tactic will bring procurement's true power to light. 

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