It's no secret that Procurement has considerable strategic value. That value only multiplies when the function is empowered to transform its approach and refine its operations. Still, many organizations hesitate to invest in transforming Procurement. They're afraid - afraid of making an investment, afraid of assessing their true capabilities, afraid of change. 

A lot of these fears are born from myths and misconceptions. For all the discussion around Procurement Transformation, lots of organizations still have no idea what it really is. They hear the term and imagine cutting heads, automating themselves into unemployment, and wasting loads of time and money. 

Throughout their decades of consulting, Source One's Procurement Transformation experts have heard every excuse in the book. They address five of these Procurement Transformation misconceptions in their latest whitepaper. More importantly, they try to steer readers in the right direction, to encourage them to think differently about both Procurement and Procurement Transformation.

To learn more, read Busting Procurement Transformation Myths today and check out the infographic below. 

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