Monthly Round Up: October 2019

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Popeye's Spicy Chicken Sandwich: Supply Chain Mishap or Marketing Tactic?
The all-internet famous “Chicken Wars” have fast food industry giants Chick-fil-A and Popeye’s battling for the ultimate spicy chicken sandwich. The social media feud was so effective that Popeye’s sold out of the famous sandwich in less than two weeks. Or did it? Arthur Piszczor suspects a hidden motive; how can a chicken restaurant run out of chicken? Was the “spicy chicken deficit” just a marketing ploy to increase demand?

What Impact will the Dawn of 5G Have on Your Supply Chain?
5G will be the next mobile network to revolutionize technology. The quick-fire internet speeds are likely to expand throughout global businesses faster than you may think. While the tech update will bring about endless opportunities for companies in any industry, the adjustment might not be that easy. How will supply chains keep up with 5G tech?

Holiday Sales May Not Be All that Jolly
Despite a healthy-looking economy, the 2019 holiday season isn’t shaping up to be a prosperous one. Sales projections are down by an alarming percentage and retailers are worried. According to economists, the recent trade war might be to blame and supply chains will take a direct hit. How will global businesses and consumer confidence be impacted? 

Market Intelligence: Part IV - Asking the Right Questions
Once you’ve established your rich sources for market intelligence, your team has to know what to look for. Each sourcing project comes with its own set of obstacles and mysteries. Siara Singleton explains the importance of a customized approach for each project and provides four key questions you should always remember to ask.  

The Efficacy of Postal Optimization in Print and Mail Services

As consumer awareness grows, food companies are under a bigger microscope than ever before. The growing need for fresh, wholesome, and ethically-sourced ingredients is pushing companies to find new innovative strategies to meet consumer needs. How can food producers use new technology to design supply chains that match society’s modern food standards?

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