ICYMIM: October 7, 2019

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Uber Works app launches to match shift workers and business via staffing agencies
Spend Matters, 10/3/2019
Uber's rideshare and delivery services have proven to be unprofitable for the company. Competition with other leading rideshare apps like Lyft have made it near impossible for them to generate revenue. Their next strategy involves the launching of Uber Works, an app that will connect shift workers with traditional staffing firms. Will this new venture prove to be the service that saves the company from continued losses?

Combining AI Technology with Human Insights
Steven Sargent, Future of Sourcing, 10/2/2019
When Tesla founder and CEO, Elon Musk, set up a totally AI-powered manufacturing facility in California, productivity rates were surprisingly underwhelming. Musk concluded that human insights were highly underrated. Business leaders should recognize the value of AI, but remember that human insight will still always be an essential ingredient for success. Steven Sargent shares the important that remembering a fully autonomous system won't likely be a productive one. 

5 Things Every Product Manufacturer Must Know to Drive Leads
Thomas Net, 10/2/2019
B-2-B businesses sometimes overlook the value of a rich omnichannel supply chain. Omni-channel supply chains allow for fully integrative customer experience and, in turn, increase customer satisfaction and sales. This blog is giving you five things product manufacturers should know to apply the omnichannel approach and generate more leads. 

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