Generally, introverts are not everyone's first choice for leadership positions in the business world. The stigma surrounding them often pushes them into corners and keeps them out of the spotlight. Research might suggest that introverts can make great procurement leaders, but harmful misconceptions still persist within many organizations.

Stereotypes hold that introverts can't take initiative, won't join in as team players, and don't make for decisive leaders. These assumptions are nothing but myths and studies including the CEO Genome Project can prove it. Introverts actually have a better chance of exceeding expectations and are known to outperform their extroverted peers when it comes to delivering dependable a ROI.

Source One Consultant Jaisheela Setty recognizes the untapped potential introverted professionals represent. She recently addressed the subject in a blog for ThomasNet. The article titled "How Can I Work More Effectively with the Introverts on My Team?" highlights the introverted professional's hidden strengths, refutes lingering misconceptions, and offers tips for bringing introverts and extroverts together.

She pays particular attention to the their active listening skills. While they might seem disengaged during meetings, Setty suggests looks can be deceiving. More often, introverts are turning ideas over in their head and looking for opportunities to make truly high-impact suggestions. Check out the full blog for more tips on empowering your organization's introverts to reach their full potential.

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