ICYMIM: August 26th, 2019

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7 Reasons It's Great to Work in Manufacturing
Thomas Net, 7/31/2019
As one of the most colossal sectors of the U.S. economy, the manufacturing industry has endless opportunities and represents a big piece of the American workforce pie. If you're looking to start a new career or bring a new sector into your client base, there are a lot of reasons to explore manufacturing. This blog addresses some myths and provides us with seven reasons that make the manufacturing an exceptional industry.

The Amazing Back-to-School Supply Chain
Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point, 8/5/2019
September is almost here. That means students are on their way back to school, and they'll be purchasing clothing, shoes, and electronics. Not a surprise that the back-to-school season is actually the second-biggest shopping season of the year. Kelly Barner provides us with a look into how this shopping frenzy affects supply chains across the relevant industries.

The Importance of Third-Party Risk Management When you Buy or Sell a Business
Paul Schrantz, Vendor Centric, 8/20/2019
Third-party risk management involves monitoring the relationship with external parties and taking action accordingly. When exiting a business, it's crucial to evaluate relationships to ensure you have a viable product to dell or purchase. Paul Schrantz speaks to the importance of mitigating risk. 
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