ICYMIM: August 5th, 2019

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Money Talks: Making The Case For Sustainable Procurement Investments 
David McClintock, Future of Sourcing, 8/01/2019
Corporate social responsibility isn't the only benefit of driving a sustainable procurement initiative. Studies show you can not only build a better brand image, but also drive revenue and reduce supply chain costs. You can increase your chances of finding green cost reductions strategies by partnering with third-party subject matter experts to conduct spend analyses and risk assessments. David McClintock talks big picture and offers suggestions for finding opportunities that are both economically and environmentally responsible.

Knowledge is Power
Michael Lamoureux, Sourcing Innovation, 7/30/2019
"Knowledge is power" is a common cliche. Businesses the world over claim to believe it's true. Why then, Michael Lamoureux asks, do we still pursue solutions without embedded knowledge. In addition to taking Procurement to task, he reminds readers just how powerful embedded information can be. The more an organization knows about its products, materials, relationships, and markets - the more effectively it can build a Supply Management unit worth advocating for.

Fiverr Launches 'Studios' to Let Freelancers Form Teams and Deliver Services like an Agency
Andrew Karpie, Spend Matters, 7/30/2019
Fiverr is an online database that matches freelancers with third-party organizations in search of support. While Fiverr freelancers have traditionally worked solo, the site has just announced "Studios" which allow for an "agency-like team" to work on larger-scale projects. Andrew Karpie elaborates on Fiverr's new program and examines the reasons why freelancer networks are beginning to support smaller agencies.  
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