Monthly Round Up: August 2019

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Cheesecake Factory Acquires Fox Restaurant Concepts
Cheesecake Factory, the California-based food chain, recently announced its plans to acquire Fox Restaurant Concepts (FRC), an Italian eatery headquarters. FRC has over 60 restaurants spanning across the nation, two of which Cheesecake had already previously invested in. Read about why Cheesecake Factory President, David Gordon, is excited about the partnership.

Ethical Sourcing is in Style for the High Fashion Industry
Ethical sourcing has become an imperative in countless industries; fashion is not an exception. At the end of 2018, over 40 high fashion brands signed the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and pledged to build a supply chain free of emissions by 2050. Bennett Glace enlightens us on how different brands are transforming their business practices in the name of sustainability.

Is Your Procurement Team Recession-Proof
Economic stats are giving mixed messages these days. Popular metrics show the economy is thriving, but comprehensive ones show otherwise. Suplari reported that 30% of procurement and finance professionals expect a recession to hit within the year. Companies will turn to procurement teams for a plan when consumer buying power starts to plummet. Siara Singleton discloses what procurement experts have to say about it and offers some best practices to prepare for an economic depression.

Carriers, Economy Suffering from Empty Miles Glut
The trucking industry is experiencing a bad case of the “empty miles”. “Empty miles” is a term used when trucks are traveling with little to no cargo on board. The trend is a radical deviation from last year when truckers carried over 11.5 billion tons of freight. It’s bad news for drivers and any company using carriers to move materials this year. Learn more about the situation in this informative blog.

Direct Mail Best Practices for 2019 and Beyond
Even in our age of digital technology, direct mail still plays an important role in corporate marketing efforts. Statistics have even shown that consumers are more likely to respond to physical media than emails. Whether it's a poster, a flyer, or a brochure - direct mail is most effective when it's designed and distributed strategically. Here are some best practices to consider for your next direct mail campaign.

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