August 5, 2019

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Podcast:
The Basics of Fleet Procurement
There are generally number of  cost reduction opportunities in fleet, however, many companies mistakenly overlook this spend category. When a procurement team evaluates fleet correctly, they can boost their impact on the bottom line and eliminate unnecessary costs. Ken Ballard speaks to different sub-categories in fleet spend and how your procurement team can improve their spend management techniques by refining their approach.  

Upcoming Events:
Procurious Big Ideas Summit | Chicago, IL | 9/18
The Procurious Big Ideas Summit will provide an open space for communication to discuss new ideas, current trends, or even concerns about the procurement zone. With a select group of individuals leading the pack, procurement professionals near and far will gather at this high-impact conference in Chicago next month! Source One's spend management leaders will be joining in the conversation with a keynote presentation on their expertise.  Let's elevate procurement together!

Scope: Procurement Summit | Red Rock, Las Vegas | 9/18-9/20
High profile speakers will converge in Red Rock, Vegas to gain skillful insights into procurement this September. Our very own director, Jennifer Ulrich, will give a presentation on refining procurement's identity to drive maximum impact. 
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