From August 18th to the 20th, Procurement and Supply Management thought leaders will gather in
Las Vegas for the SCOPE Procurement Summit. Corcentric is sponsoring the invitation-only event and joining experts from organizations like Siemens, Bayer, and the National Basketball Association to exchange insights and discuss the challenges facing today's Procurement professionals.

Key themes from this year's agenda include Procurement's lingering skills gap, the promise of emerging technologies, and the global economy's evolving risk factors. On August 19th, Corcentric Director Jennifer Ulrich will address another all-important subject: Procurement's brand identity. Titled Perception is Reality: Refining Procurement's Identify for Maximum Impact, the presentation will call on Ulrich's history of empowering clients to elevate Procurement and make the function a trusted business leader.

"When we discuss branding," Ulrich remarks, "we almost always focus on the individual and organization-wide perspectives. We tend to ignore the fact that business units like Procurement have brand identities of their own. The same principles that drive personal branding efforts and company-wide initiatives could help Procurement set itself apart too."

Though Procurement units have evolved considerably over the last decade-plus, the function is still often perceived as low-value and tactical. Ulrich contends that it cannot reach its full potential unless it commits to building a new, more impactful identity. "To become a trusted ally," she suggests, "Procurement has to first refine its vision, align itself with stakeholders, and emphasize its power to enable the entire." She hopes her presentation will inspire SCOPE attendees to carry out these initiatives within their companies.

Headed to Vegas? In addition to sitting in on Ulrich's presentation, be sure to stop by Booth #101 to meet the Corcentric team and learn more about the future of Procurement and Finance.
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