New LEED requirements promote green logistics

Requirements surrounding LEED procurement and materials have been recently updated by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), contributing to the advancement of green logistics in purchasing materials and resources deemed sustainable or eco-friendly. With a vote of 85 percent, the USGBC decided to include another set of scoring criteria called Cradle to Cradle certification in its latest version of LEED guidelines, known as LEED v4, according to Sustainable Business. The purpose of the update is to ensure the impact of materials used for green buildings is minimal to the environment.

LEED v4 to implement Cradle to Cradle certification

After Cradle to Cradle certification was introduced in 2005, it has set a standard for products and buildings earning points toward being approved for LEED. These qualifications include using recyclable or compostable materials or manufacturing that utilizes renewable energy and carbon management.

"We salute the USGBC's courageous leadership in making material health a priority in the face of immense challenge from industry," said architect Bill McDonough "The stand they have taken will help continue their meaningful input as an agent of market transformation."

Green logistics advances LEED requirements

In satisfying the green building requirements described by USGBC on its website, commercial and residential sites can be credited as improving water efficiency and energy savings and using sustainable materials. With the new standards, products can also be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

"With the debate over LEED v4 standards now settled, we expect companies in the FSC marketplace to benefit from a new level of certainty and demand in the green building sector," said FSC on the Sustainable Business site. "We also know there are businesses, including forest landowners, mills and lumberyards, that have been waiting on the sidelines to see how the debate would resolve before committing to FSC certification."

The enforcement of the new LEED requirements implementing Cradle to Cradle certification will begin in November.

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