Google Glass technology can reduce costs of manufacturing

Developments in new augmented reality technology have the potential to reduce costs of manufacturing, according to industry magazine Automation World. While buzz around the advanced features of Google's wearable computer named Google Glass is generated mainly by consumers, this AR tool can also benefit manufacturing companies in decreasing costs related to operating equipment and training employees. Previously named Project Glass, Google's new piece of technology is innovative in its ability to allow users to search for information using a computer they can wear on their heads.

"We started Project Glass to build technology that's seamless, beautiful and empowering," the tech giant said on its Google+ page. "To share the world through your eyes. To get answers and updates, instantly. To be there when you need it, and out of your way when you don't."

Manage manufacturing processes with new technology

With its features of searching for answers online in real time, Google Glass is already a powerful device, but paired with an app called MTConnect, it leads the way for the future of manufacturing productivity. By itself MTConnect lets industry professionals like factory managers see machine controls and access equipment information using their mobile phones and tablets, making it easy to manage the manufacturing process.

When used with Google Glass, MTConnect is even more powerful by streaming information directly to the headgear display to see manufacturing data in real-time. The app could allow users to view manuals when working on machines or parts, facilitating the training and productivity of employees. Used by machine operators, wearable technology can allow them to monitor individual machines and their controls, such as their path feed-rate and axis positions using Google Glass. Advanced features can these can lead to less costly errors when producing and manufacturing.

These progressive technologies can also help maintenance technicians view locations of machines and parts as well as their power status or part status. By using these tools, manufacturing companies can contribute to their overall manufacturing cost reduction.

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