Not more than 10 days ago, ThomasNet launched its procurement- and sourcing-focused online publication, IMT Procurement Journal, with Source One as a launch day content partner.

With a readership over 30,000, IMT Procurement Journal offers business intelligence and advice to those throughout the procurement and finance industries, along with the business community at large, by delivering features concerning topics like materials and supply sourcing, spend management, contracts and negotiations, supplier evaluation and risk management, and outsourcing/nearshoring.

Readers can expect a stream of useful and helpful information, from industry sources nationwide and especially from Source One, to be posted daily and recapped in a weekly newsletter. Here is a rundown of some of the initial, unique Source One contributions to the IMT Procurement Journal.

Procurement Is At the Head of the Table
by Jennifer Ulrich

Toshiba’s recent promotion of Hisao Tanaka, former manager of procurement and manufacturing, to CEO was an uncommon move for the company. History is not exactly full of examples of procurement chiefs rising to the top of their companies, save for one recent notable example: Apple. Toshiba’s move encourages reflection on how Apple’s decision to anoint Tim Cook is working out. Cook’s background in supply chain management and procurement has no doubt aided his ability to continue the successful leadership of one of the most prevalent tech companies of our time

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Broken Records: Avoiding Data Disaster
by Nick Haneiko

Working with and overseeing a team of analysts, I see business documents come in daily — documents that are chock full of useful data. Regardless of the task at hand — establishing a product’s cost baseline, monitoring a vendor’s billing for compliance, etc — we rely on invoices, pricing agreements, and usage reports to provide the data we need to get our work done, as does most anyone worth their salt in procurement. Getting clean, useful data from these records, however, is not always easy, and everyone involved shares some of the blame. Here is a rundown of the common contributors to getting bad data.

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What Is Strategic Sourcing?: An Infographic
by Source One Management Services, LLC

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