With the increasing emphasis placed on utilizing smartphones and tablet devices as one of the main means  for web searching, companies should begin exploring mobile strategies to determine which options would be best fit for the consumer base.  According to Forrester, online retail sales are expected to grow at a 10% compound annual growth rate from 2010 to 2015.  Marketing efforts have been focusing on increasing innovation to drive e-commerce sales. As businesses are becoming more dependent on e-commerce revenue and site visits, more attention is turning towards delivering a browsing and purchasing experience that is similar to the experience delivered via PC. Consumers are expecting the mobile experience to be better or equal to the experience received online, it is the right time for businesses to be focusing on optimizing their mobile experience.

Many business may question, what are the benefits of creating a mobile optimized website or is it worth investing in the creation of a mobile app?

There is a slight difference between a mobile optimized site and a mobile app which would have a deciding factor to which site would be best suited for your business. A mobile website is specifically designed to be viewed on mobile devices and therefore renders the web page to be viewed appropriately on mobile devices. An app is a piece of software that is written on a technology stack/platform and distributed through App stores such as iTunes, Android Play Store, etc. The below summarizes a few advantages and disadvantages between mobile websites and mobile apps.

In conclusion, both options have their advantages and disadvantages and the decision will ultimately rely on your consumer base and what information will be provided. If your mobile goals are to establish an easy way for users to search your website and have the ability to deliver content effectively, a mobile optimized website would be the ideal choice. Although, if your goals are aimed more towards creating an interactive and engaging place for users to view and take advantage of your information, a mobile application would be best fit. If mobile devices represent a significant chunk of your site interaction, considerations should be taken to ensure that sales opportunities are not being lost an due to consumers not having an ideal web experience. Now is the time to begin considering a greater mobile presence.
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