Logistics industry focusing on productivity

Maximizing trucking productivity is the top concern for 44 percent of fleet managers, a recent study from GE Capital Fleet Services revealed. Logistics managers are placing an increased focus on maintaining operating costs and meeting cost savings goals. 

One of the biggest challenges to improving productivity was specifying the right truck for the delivery. Twenty-two percent of respondents said specifying the most efficient unit was the most important service their fleet management company could offer. Tracking down time and reducing total costs of truck ownership were high on the list of inhibitors to productivity. 

"Unexpected downtime can result in lost time and money and cause unnecessary difficulties for fleet managers and drivers alike," said Ken Gillies, manager or truck purchasing and engineering for GE Capital Fleet Services. "Our truck engineers make it a priority to help our customers find the right truck for the job, which will in turn help them minimize downtime and maximize productivity."

Private fleets in the logistics industry have adapted to meet changing demands. Logistics engineers are examining different parts of the process and questioning if operations are at their most efficient,  Heavy Duty Trucking magazine said. Logistics managers are re-optimizing trucking routes by determining if different routes, new hours of delivery or new methods of reloading trucks can maximize efficiency. Successful fleets need to measure outcomes because parts of the industry are constantly changing. 

The GE Capital Fleet Study found 20 percent of logistics managers wanted to understand the impact of new truck technology, such as alternative fuel vehicles. Some members of the trucking industry see a standardized increase to truck capacity as a means to maximize productivity, Heavy Duty Trucking magazine stated. Many trucking companies have implemented on-board technology that measures vehicle and driver performance, which can help managers improve productivity.

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