There have been many recent complaints that the NSA (National Security Agency) is collecting and using personal and confidential telephone records to investigate potential domestic criminal offenses amongst other information.  Consumers are also concerned that social media outlets such as Facebook and Google not only sell our personal information to government agencies but use our search history and download information to “improve” our searches and target advertisements to our likes.
Although this may be very true and slightly concerning, how can we, the people posting pictures of our family and friends while tweeting about every second of our daily lives expect anything different? 
The time of sending letters or visiting friends and family is becoming obsolete, where now we Skype our conversations or text our neighbors instead of walking over to say hi.  Where is the balance between technology use and physical interaction?  The world is relying more on technology every day for basic needs and personal privacy is a thing of the past…if we let it be.  No one tells us to sell our information for free or share our entire lives with everyone who has a computer.
Also, if the government wants to find incriminating information about an individual, they would not rely on social media posts alone…they would endure more sophisticated surveillance activities to catch a criminal just like they do on Law & Order.
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Leigh Merz

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  1. Google and Facebook are flat-out lying about the depth to which the NSA is "hard-wired" into their infrastructure.

    Want the REAL story about what the NSA is doing with your life and communications, read Freedom on the Rocks - Federal Tyranny versus Terrorism:

  2. Heh. 'Member when all NSA did was shoot rockets what went to the moon?