Josh Lee and his wife were on a plane flying back from Florida to beat an incoming tropical storm when he snapped a picture via Instagram of the wing of the plane which stated “”. This one picture turned out to be his big idea, is there a way to create a place where users could use pictures they’ve taken to promote and market companies but actually have the opportunity to get rewarded for their contribution? The big idea came to reality with the development of SnapMyAd. Currently SnapMyAd is focusing on brands that they anticipate consumers would want to interact with. The app was originally developed for the consumer side, but as popularity is gaining businesses has begun to express their interest.
SnapMyAd was created to enhance the social photo sharing realm. Millions of people take pictures everyday of places they go, food they eat, products they buy, and brands they support. SnapMyAd promotes disrupting the “business as usual advertising” by offering the ability to consumers to create their own ads for their favorite brands. This app provides a way of direct communication with your favorite brands and the ability to gain perks and prizes for photos you create and share.
So how does the app work?
SnapMyAdd integrates directly with Instagram, a popular photo sharing tool, to ease the management of your photos and eliminating the need to create an additional social platform. After downloading the app via the iTunes store (Android app is in the works), users will be requested to sign in with their Instagram account. Once logged in, you will have the ability to view and participate in all active promotions. After finding a promotion that interests you, information about the ad will be available including the time-frame of the promotion and the perk you will receive for ‘winning’ that ad. Once you submit your picture for the particular promotion, by either snapping the picture directly from SnapMyAd or uploaded them from Instagram, (with the hash tag listed for that promotion), you will now be entered into the promotion to compete against other users for the opportunity to win one of the prizes. All promotion winners are voted by other users with SnapMyAd, and of course you have the ability to share your ad via other social media platforms to increase your odds of winning. Once a promotion is completed, and the perk is received, the ad will be shared with the business for their use and marketing purposes. Prizes for SnapMyAd are typically Gift Cards to various stores.
This app creates a unique way to share photos, market brands and share your creativity by creating ads that you would want to see. SnapMyAd may be one of the apps that will assist in transforming and refining companies marketing efforts and strategies to focus on consumer inspired ads and thoughts. What type of impact do you feel user created social ads will place on businesses and their marketing efforts?
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