Major corporations are going green

Large U.S. companies will most likely make greater investments in sustainability initiatives in the next five years, according to Business Green. Oil, gas, utilities and retail sectors are expected to drive most of the green spending. Energy management and environmental management will two areas of focus for corporations. 

Consumers have a lot more influence on organizations' sustainability efforts, and companies are taking notice. Small businesses are often more able to significantly improve sustainability, but Greener Ideal listed the following examples of large corporations that have undertaken green initiatives:

1. IBM

Technology manufacturing and the electronics market are not known for being green, but IBM products are made from recyclable materials or can be safely disposed. IBM scores high on environmental management.

2. Coca-Cola

The company is a member of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, an organization that develops internationally recognized criteria for sustainable product sourcing and growing practices. Coca-Cola collaborates with farmers to increase production while decreasing environmental impact.

3. Office Depot

The retailer uses electric delivery vehicles to improve green logistics and give customers environmentally responsible deliveries, making Office Depot one of the greenest retail organizations. 

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