Small business exports on the rise

The number of small businesses that export products has risen by 20 percent in the past three years, according to a new study from the Small Business Exporters Association. Many non-exporters expressed interest in starting to send products overseas. 

Previously, the main barrier to small-business exporting was a lack of goods and concerns about vendor risk, Businessweek stated. During the recession, the operating costs of exporting were prohibitive for some smaller companies. The main barrier to exporting currently is the lack of information and owners who are unsure where to start. China had grown as a U.S. small-business export market. 

"The growth we're seeing in small-business exporters underscores a broad change in attitude about exporting," said David Ickert, National Small Business Association Chair. "Not only are small businesses seeing growing opportunities available to them via exporting, they increasingly view their goods and/or services as valuable in a global marketplace."

Small-business owners were spending a minimum of a few months and a significant portion of operating revenue in preparation for beginning to export. One of exporters main concerns was not seeing a return on investment.

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