Natural disasters are a top concern for IT executives

IT executives are growing more concerned with the potential of data outages from natural disasters. More companies are taking a proactive approach to data security as part of their disaster recovery planning, according to AT&T's annual Business Continuity Study. 

Recent natural disasters such as Superstorm Sandy and the tornado in Oklahoma have highlighted the risk of data security breaches. Eighty-eight percent of the IT executives surveyed understood the growing importance of data security, and most included wireless network capabilities in their disaster preparedness business solutions. 

Cloud services and mobile applications were seen as a way to mitigate risk. The cloud was seen as an effective risk management process because data would be backed up in the event of an electricity outage or network disruption and information could be accessed remotely by executives. 

Companies were considering the impact of a natural disaster on network security. Many were taking precautions in advance to stop cyberattacks that could lead to business interruptions. Seven out of 10 were taking preventive measures again distributed denial of service attacks. The study found organizations were placing a growing emphasis on data security as a risk management strategy. 

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  1. Natural disasters impact every part of your business, not just the physical supply chain. While you can't plan for every situation backup plans need to be in place. If something goes down how can you get it up and running again?