Procter & Gamble shifting to green logistics

Procter & Gamble has undertaken widely publicized sustainable sourcing initiatives, but now the company is building green logistics into its supplier network. Starting in July, the company will work with its logistics providers to convert up to 20 percent of its North American truck shipments to natural gas vehicles. By reducing diesel truck shipments, P&G will cut carbon emissions by nearly 5,000 metric tons. 

"P&G is investing in carriers with a commitment to natural gas vehicles to help boost the emerging natural gas industry, while continuing to seek more sustainable options for our supply chain and operations," said Yannis Skoudalos, global product supply officer at P&G, in a statement. 

P&G has outlined long-term corporate sustainability plans, and as one of the largest shippers in the world, green logistics are an important part of increasing efficiency and reducing ecological impact. Outside the U.S., the company is switching deliveries from trucks to trains and inland delivery systems, which can significantly cut carbon emissions. P&G also aims to use 100 percent renewable energy in its plants, utilize recycled materials for packaging and eliminate its manufacturing and consumer waste in landfills. 

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