Android has become the most popular mobile OS in the world and is the number one computing platform on new devices. News has been released that Google has begun developing its own Android-based video game console. However, this is in response to Apple whom is also beginning to develop its own game console.
These consoles will not likely compete with the Xbox One and PS4, as Microsoft and Sony have a different target market for their consoles than Google and Apple presumably would. Google and Apple consoles will not be as hardware intensive and would be designed to support popular games on the app marketplace. These consoles will offer these types of games to be played on a big screen. Ouya’s, the first Android based gaming console released, recent success is likely to have led Google and Apple into the direction of the console industry. Ouya is the first of the affordable and low-powered gaming consoles that plays phone-like games on TV. Ouya’s popularity has proved there is a want in the marketplace for such a console.
What value do these companies see in the low-end market of gaming consoles? Recent economic woes have transformed the ordinary citizen into a strategic shopper. With the prices of Xbox One and PS4 in the $300-400 range and the frequent release of games at $60 to get the latest and greatest title, these lower computing power consoles are vastly more affordable and will popular among any mobile device user. The console has the ability to play the same games on your TV as you can your phone which will become increasingly popular to the newer generation.

The question will remain, if Google or Apple realizes success in this market, do they enter the larger gaming console and compete with Sony and Microsoft? Time will tell.
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