Mobile technology improving manufacturing processes

Factory employees used to have to use a pen and paper to perform a quality control assessment or a floor inspection, but mobile technology is changing how firms operate. Many workers use tablets to perform these functions now helping businesses reduce costs, decrease risks and improve workplace safety, according to The Network, a technology news source. Handwritten paperwork increased the chances of mistakes, and it would take longer for errors to be discovered.

Some manufacturers are developing their own mobile applications to meet business needs, but this option can require a great deal of resources, stated. Applications are evolving faster than manufacturers can keep up. It is expected that most apps will require at least four major updates before 2014, and 70 percent of mobile apps developed between 2008 and 2011 will become obsolete. Companies that decide to design their own applications need to focus on the functionality as well as just building the software.

Mobile devices enable better product traceability, allow employees to work in real-time and achieve better logistics management, The Network said. Managers are better able to identify problems that occur during production and communicate with other departments. The added speed allows manufacturing firms to have better quality control management. 

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