May 31, 2019

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Whitepaper:
Building an Effective Procurement Organization
Our new white paper series is moving quickly: we're already coming up on our fourth release, Part 4: Tools! Thus far we've covered everything you need to know from People (and purpose), Metrics, and Processes, in order to build your procurement organization to its most efficient and effective state. We've included insights from our experts here at Source One, that have helped countless companies over the years build an effective procurement department. Learn how to inspire your team to purpose, move beyond simple cost-cutting and become a strategic advisor based on the metrics of your procurement team, how to develop the right procurement processes for your organization, and coming up, which tools and technology to leverage--stay tuned for Part 4: Tools!

New Blogs:
Finding the Right Fit and Function for Your Procurement Vision
Jennifer Ulrich, Spend Matters, 5/29/2019
Procurement departments in every organization all have a central goal, but each vary in progress towards that end goal. Our own Jennifer Ulrich, points out that driving momentum for your department, no matter the stage in progress, starts with changing the way other business units perceive and engage with your Procurement function. From establishing yourself as a full-blown category management structure, to a Procurement Business Partner. Ulrich explains the difference and benefits of each, and some in between, to help you identify which function fits your vision.

Momentum and Sustainability Create Impact: How Marketing and Procurement Can Deliver Business Growth (Part 1)
Kaitlyn Krigbaum, Buyers Meeting Point, 5/30/2019
Marketing is arguably the most complex spend category and Procurement must treat it differently than any other. Kaitlyn Krigbaum emphasizes the need for teamwork between marketing and procurement to devise the most increase in efficiency and effectiveness of spend. Krigbaum walks us through new ways to unite the two, often disparate, departments for the optimization of your organization as a whole. Feeling disparities between your marketing and procurement functions? Take a look a this article for fresh take on how to mend the relationship.

Michael Vu, Future of Sourcing, 5/30/2019
With over 260,000 new American jobs, employers are faced with the challenge of attracting and retaining top talent in such a competitive environment. Companies are expected to bring certain levels of compensation and workplace amenities. Michael Vu gives a list of alternatives to compensation and other methods to obtain the talent you need, like casting a wider net and promoting flexibility. Looking for ways to enhance your recruitment strategy? -- Visit the link.
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