ICYMIM: May 6, 2019

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Resilience360’s First Risk Report A Snapshot of Problems for Last Year, 2019
Kyra Senese, Spend Matters, 5/6/2019
The risk environment in the Supply Chain industry is continuously growing. More companies are being called out and the advancements in Supply Chain are making these risk issues board-level. Resilience360 has released their Annual Risk Report and it highlights the range of threats that will draw recognition in 2019 and companies should be on the lookout for.

CRO-to-CRO Video Series: Episode 4 Grapples with Contingent Workforce & Talent Management Challenges
Tara Berezowsky, Spend Matters, 5/6/2019
In episode four of Spend Matters' CRO-to-CRO series, Michel Janssen and Pierre Mitchell explore key talent management challenges and their affect on the digital transformation projects. Starting by setting the landscape of the job market history, current state in the US and current state of India. There are now more jobs than candidates in our job market, while in India there are more than 270 people to every one job position.

Kimberly Blair, Future of Sourcing, 5/2/2019
Senior Manager of Indirect Procurement Carhartt INC., Kimberly Blair, continues her series that strives to highlight, celebrate & acknowledge women pioneers, leaders and overall influencers that have helped propel the industry. In this iteration of the popular series, Blair covers her perosnal career path and and valuable advice along the way. Visit for all the details!

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