May 10, 2019

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

New Whitepaper:
Building an Effective Procurement Organization
Discover how Source One has helped countless companies over the years build an effective procurement organization with the comprehensive list our experts have pulled together of the methodologies used over time. Explore the insights from our experts as they list tips, tools and best practices to help you optimize your procurement department.
Part I of Building an Effective Procurement Organization is about the people and purpose of your organization, including key considerations for structuring and ultimately inspiring your team to meet the challenges of spend and supply. It's available for download today!
Part II of Building an Effective Procurement Organization is about the utilizing metrics in your procurement operations to move beyond just cost-cutting and into strategic advising for the entire enterprise! Part II on Metrics is also available for download today!
Stay tuned for Part 3 Processes!

New Blogs:
Job Burn Out
Jaisheela Setty, Future of Sourcing, 5/7/2019
Our jobs have the possibility of stressing us out to the point we not only feel it emotionally, but physically as well. Setty describes to us in great detail "Job Burn Out" so we can identify it in ourselves and how it started. She then lists a few solutions to fix this prolonged exhaustion including making use of your vacation days and switching up your routine. Feeling exhausted or on your way? Be sure to visit the article for useful remedies and support.

Supply Chain Management Strategies These Women Used to Rise Up the Ranks
Alexandra Levit, American Express, 4/30/2019
There has been a healthy representation of women Supply Chain leaders, and Alexandra Levit took the time to ask a few of them what they are doing to advance their profession. Jill Keto, CMO of Easy Metrics, speaks about leveraging the interplay of smart analytic tools like Big Data and the Internet of Things. Melanie DiSalvio, founder of virtue + vice, describes her sourcing methodologies from now and before when she managed product development and production for major fashion brands. Visit the article for insights from these and more influential women in Supply Chain Management, find out how you too can rise in the ranks.

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